~~Small globose-depressed cactus being ribbed and about 5 cm in diameter. Spines numerous, brown. Flower yellow with red stigma, about 5 cm in diameter. It clumps by short basal stolons. Half shade in Summer. Easy. Bare rooted Pot

This hybrid was obtained in our nursery from Echidnopsis globosa. Stems creeping, strong, with roundish tubercles. Flowers apical, bell-shaped, brick-red in colour, 0.5 cm in diameter. Beautiful and interesting. Half shade. Well drained medium that must be completely dry in...

~~Rosettes of triangular, succulent, keeled, slender, slightly toothed leaves with transparent stripes at apex. S. Africa. Half-hardy. Bare root 10 cm pot  

~~Herbaceous perennial up to 70 cm high. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, toothed. Flowers 6-7 cm in diameter, bell-shaped, white. Hardy. In Winter it dies back to the roots. Half shade. Manchuria and Japan. Bare rooted (winter) 16 cm pot 

Rhizomatous species up to 45 cm high. Leaves 6 × 3 cm, ovate-lanceolate, toothed, reddish. Flowers axillary, bright red in colour with a yellow throat. Hybrid obtained in 1973 between Achimenes erecta and Smithiantha zebrina. Not hardy. Very beautiful and unusual. It grows from April-May through...

~~ Stems succulent, up to 25 cm high. Leaves fleshy, peltate, roundish-ovate, acuminate at apex, 9 cm in diameter. Colombia and Peru. Very beautiful and elegant. Not hardy. Keep in a shaded place. Abundant waterings in summer. 12 cm pot

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Oxalis megalorhiza (Oxalis carnosa) (Oxalidaceae)

Caudiciform with succulent and shining trefoil-like leaves. It flowers easily. Yellow flowers. South America. Bare root 10 cm pot 

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Plectranthus caninus (Lamiaceae)

Succulent creeping species, half-procumbent in habit. Leaves rhomboidal, crenate at the apex, fleshy, aromatic. Flowers bilabiate, blue, in...

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Ferraria crispa (Iridaceae)

Unusual South-african bulbous species (Cape Province) with underground corms. Flowers in Spring, carried on up to 1 m long inflorescences,...

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Aspidistra cfr. lurida (Asparagaceae)

Leaves 15-20 cm long, lanceolate, with 5-9 longitudinal venations. Flowers dark purple-red, at the soil level. Origin: China. Shaded...

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Dioscorea alata (Dioscoreaceae)

Description not available. Tuber

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