American variety. Purple stems. Leaves slenderly heart-shaped, green with purple venations. Edible tubers. Purple red skin. Flesh violet-pink speckled with white. Good chestnut taste. High producer in deep fertile soils. Cutting 14 cm pot 

Very ornamental and beautiful perennial plant. Leaves lance-shaped, about 8 cm long, very velvety, red-shaded on veins and margins. Flowers numerous, tubular, red, 4 cm long, velvety, during long periods. Keep in filtered light. 6 rhizomes 14 cm pot   

Stems erect and strong, clumping, up to 7 cm long, square or pentagonal in section, tubercled. Flowers 2.5-3 cm in diameter, bell-shaped, white with thin red lines in the corolla tube. South Africa. Cutting   Rooted cutting  

~~Rosettes of triangular, succulent, keeled, slender, slightly toothed leaves with transparent stripes at apex. S. Africa. Half-hardy. Bare root 10 cm pot  

~~Tree species. Stems long, easily reaching 3 m in height. Leaves obliquely obovate, up to 14 cm in length, cordate, light green, glossy, toothed. Peduncles arched, up to 20 cm in length. Flowers white, in dense apical inflorescences. Winter flowering. Native to Brazil and Colombia. Stems can need...

~~Stems 5- or 6-angled in section, 5 cm long, 6 mm in diameter, erect, tufted, toothed. Flowers tubular-campanulate, 2-3 cm in diameter, light cream finely spotted with brown-red, papillose in the throat. Corolla tube slightly swollen at the base. Native to Zimbabwe, where it grows in sandy or...

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Parodia rutilans (Notocactus rutilans) (Cactaceae)

Stem solitary, globose-cylindrical, about 4 cm in size, ribbed. Spines brown-greyish, the central ones outwards. Flowers very light pink...

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Ferraria crispa (Iridaceae)

Unusual South-african bulbous species (Cape Province) with underground corms. Flowers in Spring, carried on up to 1 m long inflorescences,...

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Iris lutescens GCOR19 (Forma a fiore lilla / Lilac flowered form) (Iridaceae)

Dwarf and compact rhizomatous iris. Leaves 5-20 cm long, glaucous, sword-shaped. Flowers 6 cm in size. Surface rhizomes. Soil calcareous...

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Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana (Begoniaceae)

Unusual hardy begonia with ornamental leaves and many little, orange and pendulous flowers. At the Summer end the plant dies and leaves on...

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Opuntia phaeacantha (Cactaceae)

Opuntia with small pads with brown and white spines. Yellow-orange flowers followed by edible red fruits. Easy. Full sunshine. Hardy, it...

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Aspidistra sp. (1)S-135 (Asparagaceae)

Unidentified chinese species. Leaves narrow and long, light green in colour, slightly spotted with yellow. Petiole short. Very clumping....

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