~~Pachycaul species from african desets. Very beautiful pink open-tubular flowers. Keep very dry and in warm atmosphere during the winter. Very ornamental even whithout flowers. Known also as 'Desert rose'. 10 seeds  

Fibrous-rooted succulent begonia. Leaves peltate-ovate, alternate, fleshy, densely covered with white hairs. White flowers. Full sunshine and well drained soil. Keep rather dry in Winter. Mexico and Guatemala. 12 cm pot

Stems 1.5 cm in diameter, erect, 10-15 cm long, with many, small, blunt, not very protruding tubercles. Flowers saucer-like, yellow, about 8-10 mm in size. Cutting  Rooted cutting  

Soloniferous species. It produces long stems that are toothed and light green spotted with red. Stems can creep much and root wherever they touch the soil. Flowers similar to Duvalia but 5 cm in diameter and appearing at soil level. Lobes narrow and reflexed, brown-yellow, slightly papillose....

~~This hybrid was obtained in our nursery between Echidnopsis cereiformis and Echidnopsis dammaniana. Stems erect, slightly tubercled. Flowers apical, star-shaped, 0.6-0.7 cm in diameter, brick red in colour. It hasn’t any special cultivation requirements apart from a slightly shaded exposure and...

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Asimina triloba (Annonaceae)

~~Deciduous tree up to 9 m tall, called also “mountain banana-tree”, very appreciated for it’s ovate-slender fruits, to 15 cm long,...

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Hoya arnottiana Clone 2 (Apocynaceae)

Strong climber. Leaves fleshy, lanceolate, about 10 cm in length, dark green. Inflorescences globose, formed by 25-30 flowers. Flowers...

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Echidnopsis cereiformis (Apocynaceae)

Spreading succulent with cylindrical stems being slightly tubercled and reddish-green in colour. Many little, yellow, star-shaped flowers...

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Huernia keniensis (Apocynaceae)

This is a very beautiful species. Stems 5-12 cm long, pentagonal in section. Flowers bell-shaped, dark purple and papillose inside. Origin:...

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Opuntia articulata f.ma syringacantha (Tephrocactus articulatus f.ma syringacanthus) (Cactaceae)

Small opuntia with ovoid articles about 2 cm wide and 5 cm long. Spines big, grey, stiff, ribbon-like, about 6 cm long and 4 mm...

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Opuntia microdasys var. albispina (Cactaceae)

Small opuntia with oval flat pads covered with numerous areoles of very white glochids and without spines. Centre and north of Mexico....

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