Tropical trees and shrubs

Justicia brandegeana ‘Red Flowers’ (Acanthaceae)

~~Brazilian subshrub. Highly clumping species. Stems thin, reddish. Leaves ovate-lanceolate with a subcuneate base, pubescent....

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Hibiscus boryanus (Malvaceae)

Shrub, up to 8 m in height. Leaves oval, dark green in colour, crenate at margin. Flowers red, solitary, axillary similar to those of...

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Ipomoea arborescens (Convolvulaceae)

Fast-growing shrub, 5-15 m high. The trunk can reach 50 cm in diameter. Leaves lanceolate, with protruding venations. Flowers...

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Russelia juncea (Plantaginaceae)

Shrub with thin, very numerous, pendulous, green branches. Almost leafless. Flowers numerous, tubular, 3 cm long, red, in cymes of 3....

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CLUSIA MAJOR (Clusia rosea) (clusiaceae)

Tree up to 20 m in height, epiphytic or litophytic, native to tropical and subtropical America. Stems branched, green then brown. Leaves...

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