~~Horticultural hybrid between Stapelia maculosa and Stapelia ‘Trifida’. Stems erect, square in section, toothed. Flowers star-shaped, red, slightly spotted with white and slightly wrinkled. Annulus flat, light red. Well drained soil. Keep dry in winter. Single stem cutting Single or...

Stems red-violet. Half-opened flowers densely covered with small dark red papillae and with lobes that are almost completely reflexed. Beautiful and unusual. Slightly branched cutting Branched rooted cutting 

~~Globose cactus being about 5 cm in diameter. Dark grey-green. Large tubercles with stout spines. Flowers white, about 6 cm in size. Easy. Half shade in Summer. Hardy if dry. Bare rooted 8 cm pot  

Small succulent with snake-like, dark green stems. Flowers unusual, very utriculate, about 15 mm long, violet-brown. Rare. Single stem cutting  Single stem rooted cutting

Stems up to 50 cm long, creeping and slightly arched, 8-10 mm in diameter, not very toothed. Flowers cup-shaped, cream with red spots, over 2 cm in diameter. Half shade in Summer. Eastern Zimbabwe and Western Mozambique. Branched stem cutting  Branched rooted cutting   8 cm pot

Apocynaceae Perennial with tuberous roots, not very branched. Flowers star-shaped, yellow, in very showy umbrellas. Lance-shaped leaves. Easy and very ornamental. Full sunshine or half shade. South America. 14 cm pot

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Echidnopsis sharpei ssp. repens (Echidnopsis repens) (Apocynaceae)

Succulent with stems being cylindrical, creeping, branched, 1,5 cm in diameter, tubercled, brown-reddish. Small star-shaped velvety red...

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Iris unguicularis (Iris stylosa) (Iridaceae)

Rhizomatous iris with narrow and glaucous leaves. Flowers lilac and yellow, in winter. Hardy. Easy. Algeria, Tunisia, western Syria,...

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Physalis peruviana (Solanaceae)

Small hairy shrub up to 1 m in heigth. Leaves ovate, toothed at the margin. Flowers yellowish, with a black base. Fruits spherical,...

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Huernia volkartii var. volkartii (Apocynaceae)

Clumping species. Stems short, densely branched, forming a close clump. Flowers star-shaped, densely papillose, light cream-white in colour...

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Amaryllis belladonna (Amaryllidaceae)

Very beautiful and showy bulbous species from South Africa (Cape Province). Flowers bell-shaped, light pink, about 12 cm long, grouped in...

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Sansevieria trifasciata clone 2 (Dracenaceae)

  Leaves wide and short (8 x 30-40 cm), strongly transversally striped with dark and light green. Easy and rarer in cultivation than its...

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