Leaves solitary, or rarely in pairs, up to 50 cm long, channelled, transversely striped, looking like tusks emerging from the soil. Flowers in dense inflorescences at soil level. Eastern Africa. Not hardy. Young plants. Bare root  16 cm pot   

~~Small globose-depressed cactus being ribbed and about 5 cm in diameter. Spines numerous, brown. Flower yellow with red stigma, about 5 cm in diameter. It clumps by short basal stolons. Half shade in Summer. Easy. Bare rooted Pot

Description not available. 1 bulb.

Soloniferous species. It produces long stems that are toothed and light green spotted with red. Stems can creep much and root wherever they touch the soil. Flowers similar to Duvalia but 5 cm in diameter and appearing at soil level. Lobes narrow and reflexed, brown-yellow, slightly papillose....

~~Stapelia hybrid obtained in our nursery. Stems erect or procumbent, square in section, toothed and velvety. Flowers rather large (15-20 cm in diameter), wrinkled, purple-red in colour and covered with sparse purple hairs. Well drained soil. Keep warm and dry in winter. Excess humidity can cause...

~~This species belongs to the subgenus Evansia and is native to central and south-western China. Stout rhizome. Leaves thin, 30 x 2-2.5 cm in size, light green. Flowers 2-3 per spathe, 10 cm in diameter, more or less flattened, blue-lilac in colour with a darker venation. It flowers in April-May....

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Euphorbia milii var. breonii (Euphorbiaceae)

Similar to the type species, but size larger, stems circular in section, spines and flowers bigger. Very beautiful and richly flowering....

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Hypoxis hirsuta (Hypoxidaceae)

  Very unusual and nice tuberous species. Leaves linear, long (30 x 1 cm), hairy, particularly at the margins. Flowers star-shaped,...

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Chionanthus retusus (Oleaceae)

Oleaceae Deciduous shrub or small tree up to 3 m in height. Leaves 10 cm in length, elliptical or ovate, white beneath. Inflorescences...

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Alocasia cucullata (Araceae)

This species has green, very long petioles, up to 1 m in length. Leaves ovate, glossy green in colour, with a slender pointed apex. Native...

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Clivia robusta (Amaryllidaceae)

It’s one of the highest species in the genus Clivia, being able to reach a height of 1.6 m in ideal condition. Leaves narrow, dark green...

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Amaryllis belladonna (Amaryllidaceae)

Very beautiful and showy bulbous species from South Africa (Cape Province). Flowers bell-shaped, light pink, about 12 cm long, grouped in...

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