Hoffmannia x hybrida \’Fantasia\’ (Rubiaceaae)

Rubiaceaae - Perennials

Cut Bare root Pot
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Horticultural hybrid between Hoffmannia ghiesbreghtii and Hoffmannia roezlii. Stems up to 1 m tall, with a quadrangular section, red-violet. 30 x 9 cm obovate leaves, velvety, with a corrugated appearance, olive green tinged with bronze-red and reddish underside. Small and inconspicuous flowers with 4 pinkish-white petals, gathered in small racemes at the axil of the leaves. Not hardy. Fertile and loose soil, slightly drained. Shaded location. The old stems tend to strip in the lower part so, when repotting, they can be cut at the base to favor the emission of new buds.

16 cm pot

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